My name is Lucy, I am passionate about health & wellness, which has lead me in the direction of following my heart in inspiring everyday people like myself to lead healthy lifestyles without the mainstream pressures, facades and trends that are quiet common within the industry. 
Id prefer to take a more balanced, mindful approach towards health & well-being. Being healthy goes beyond our weight, size & appearance. We tend to get caught up with the image of whats "healthy" and look for a quick fix which is unsustainable long term -and can be harmful both physically and mentally.
My aim is to inspire you to bring out the creative inner chef! Healthy meal planning doesn't have to be bland and boring you just have to get creative.
I am a Qualified Personal Trainer and a passionate foodie, in-between raising my beautiful daughter, working and training you would find me in the kitchen cooking & creating all sorts of healthy wholesome recipes which i will share with you all so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!
Live your dreams, Share your passion!