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What price are you willing to pay for the "perfect" bikini body?

  The question I should have asked myself 2 years ago, I don’t regret my decision to compete in a bikini competition, and I’m not completely ruling out stepping back on that stage but my reasoning and conditioning process will, next time will be different. I paid a huge price to get my body to that stage, and at the time was naive to think it wasn’t detrimental to my health & wellbeing – both physically and mentally. I’m going to be completely honest in saying that I stopped training & eating for health and shifted my focus to manipulating my body shape to fit that “perfect” look – tight legs, rounded butt, tapered waist and toned shoulders. It wasn’t...

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Home Cooking Vs Takeaway!

  Im all for incorporating and creating healthier habits into every day life, opting for cooking rather than having take out as much as possible. Takeaway is the easier option at times because its quick, you dont have to wash up and someone else is doing the hard yards for you. Seems perfect huh? Although it is easier, we dont always know what we are eating is fresh, if it's been handled hygienically and the conditions its been cooked in. Were possible i'll opt for home cooking for the main reason being i know exactly whats going into the food im eating. Now im not saying i never eat takeaway because that would be a lie! BUT i do try to...

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We spend so much time, money & energy on conditioning our bodies, training our muscles, we can get complacent and forget the importance of mindfulness and awareness. I am not talking mindfulness in the way of sitting on a mountain edge spending hours in meditation, im talking mindfulness and awareness of our thoughts, how we treat others and ourselves and what we put into our bodies. Awareness of others and ourselves, having compassion and above all awareness of our thoughts and our words, for our thoughts create our reality. The more open your mind is to gratitude the more things show up in our lives to be grateful for. the more love you project into your life the more open...

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